Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2023

The iFSR let the lego robots drive and build a crypto crafts station during the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften. The visitors who were young and old alike solved riddles and showed their skills of folding tiny papers at the Origami station between 5pm and midnight.

A group of Origami Penguins 📸 Johanna Berger

We also invited STAR Dresden with their Mars rover and the Turmlabor who showed their robot arm that opened bottles of lemonaid for the visitors. Also there was a 3D printer, a pong game shown on an oscillator and the game hot wire that could be looked at and even touched by the visitors. We're very happy that so many people found their way to our facuty building and hope they had a great night.

booth of the Turmlabor with many interested visitors 📸 Matthias Nössler

Robot arm is putting away empty bottles of lemonaid 📸 Sebastian Semmler