24.03.2024 12:28 / Marco Lehner


From the first of April, your semester ticket will become a Deutschlandticket. Here is the most important information:

  • The ticket is valid like a normal "Deutschlandticket" and is automatically paid for from your semester fee
  • In the VVO, bicycle transport will generally be subject to a charge from then on
  • This also means that you can use any local or regional public transit services outside of the VVO area throughout all of Germany, which now also means e. g. trams in Leipzig
  • Your Campuscard will no longer be valid as a semester ticket. The ticket is only valid as a mobile phone ticket. You can download it here. You can also download it as .pkpass and save it in an app. For more information see below


Can I continue to use Mobibike?

Yes, you can continue to use MOBIbike as usual. You can find the conditions and how to use MOBIbike at https://www.stura.tu-dresden.de/nextbike

How much does the semester ticket cost now?

The Germany-wide semester ticket will cost 60 % of the Deutschlandticket. At €29.40 per month, this is cheaper than the previous semester ticket. The amount is automatically paid from your semester fees. If the price of the Deutschlandticket changes, the semester fee will be adjusted with a time delay.

I don't need the ticket, do I still have to pay for it?

Yes, the Germany-wide semesterticket is only available as a so-called "solidarity ticket". This means that the StuRa has decided that all students buy the ticket. The 40 % off can be seen as a kind of quantity discount. If you cannot use the ticket sensibly, e.g. because you have a semester off or are doing an internship, you can still apply for a refund. If you are unable to pay the semester fee, you can apply to the StuRa for a refund from the hardship fund. The full semester fee will then be waived and your semester ticket will remain valid.

Mobile phone tickets are pointless with dead spots

Correct. Unfortunately, you still have to show a valid ticket. To do this, you can download the ticket as a .pkpass file and open it in a wallet app. There are open source apps available for all operating systems (;
Officially, it is not permitted to show screenshots or printed QR codes (albeit just as secure as the .pkpass solution...).

I don't have a smartphone, how do I use the ticket?

Please write to us or the StuRa and we will find a solution.

Why don't the Campuscards work as a Deutschlandticket?

Although the Deutschlandtickets work exactly like Campuscards with the VDV-E-Ticket-Standard, the rules of Deutschlandticket requires that names and birthdates of the users are stored. This would require all student data to be transferred to the transport associations, which is currently not legally possible. Until now, the data was not stored, and the ticket was only protected by an (anonymous) certificate on the chip card.
Unfortunately, the transport companies concerned have so far shown little interest in solving the problem together.

**The iFSR wishes you a safe journey!