Student council

The Fachschaftsrat Informatik represents the interests of over 2000 computer science students at the TU Dresden. They belong to the Computer Science Student Council, whose current business is managed by the Student Council (FSR). It is elected annually from the ranks of the student council and currently consists of a maximum of 19 members.

The student council is often the first point of contact for problems or questions during the studies and offers support during the studies with a comprehensive collection of exams, minutes of oral exams and numerous counselling services.

In addition, the student council also takes care of the cultural and social concerns of the students. For example, it usually organizes game evenings once a month with board, card and digital games. It also co-organises Christmas parties, barbecues, hikes and sports tournaments. Last but not least, together with many helpers, he plans the freshman week, where new students are properly welcomed and prepared for their studies.

The student council proposes the student members in committees and commissions of the faculty and can thus, for example, directly influence the revision of study regulations and the appointment of new professors. It helps to control and improve the quality of teaching, for example by evaluating courses.

During the lecture period, the meetings of the Student Council take place once a week and are usually open to the public. During these meetings, committee work, upcoming events, problems and developments at the university are discussed and decisions are made on the use of funds and the positions of the student council.