Teaching award poll

The iFSR awards a teaching prize for the best teacher or course. Students can now vote on who should receive the award.

Did you attend a course at the faculty last year that was simply great and should be honored? Then vote now for the teac…

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30.05.2024 16:07

Campuscard on the sidings - Dresden public transport companies rely on smartphone obligation

Press Release of the StuRa (Student Council)
With the start of the summer semester on April 1, 2024, students at TUD Dresden University of Technology will be able to use their semester ticket nationwide. However, the Student Council…

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29.04.2024 18:06 / Marius Schiller


From the first of April, your semester ticket will become a Deutschlandticket. Here is the most important information:

The ticket is valid like a normal "Deutschlandticket" and is automatically paid for from your semester fee

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29.04.2024 17:51 / Marco Lehner


Dear students, the faculty will start next week Wednesday (20.3) and Thursday (21.3) strategy workshops, where the direction of the faculty for the next ~10 years will be discussed and thought through. This will also include student topics: How sh…

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15.03.2024 15:24

Statement against Transmisia

As members of the Computer Science Student Council (iFSR) at TU Dresden, we firmly believe that transmisia (hatred of transgender people) has no place at our university and in the academic environment. It is not only our duty but also our moral re…

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30.11.2023 20:43

Freiwillige für die "KarriereStart" Messe gesucht

Für den 21.01. werden noch Studierende gesucht, die …

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29.11.2023 15:00 / Emanuel Pilz


Nutzt gerne die Lernräume für die Prüfungsvorbereitung.
Egal ob ihr Nachteulen seid, die Slub mal wieder zu voll ist oder eure Mitbewohnis Sommerp…

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27.07.2023 17:43


Excellent teaching takes place at the faculty in addition to excellent research. The best courses and teaching staff should therefore be recognized with a teaching award.


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22.07.2023 20:29

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2023

The iFSR let the lego robots drive and build a crypto crafts station during the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften. The visitors who were young and old alike solved riddles and showed their skills of folding tiny papers at the Origami station between …

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05.07.2023 07:26 / Lydia Will

Whiteboards für Studis am Institut SyA

The Institute of Systems Architecture provides student…

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28.06.2023 22:04