Meeting and minutes

The FSR meeting takes place every Monday at 18:45 during the semester and usually every two weeks during the semester break. Here we discuss current topics concerning the University and the Faculty of Computer Science. Extraordinary meetings will be announced in time via the usual channels. The meeting is open to the public in Ratssaal APB 1004 and all students are warmly welcomed!

Upcoming Meetings

The next meetings take place on the following dates:

  • 06.11.2023, 18:45 / 06:45 pm
  • 13.11.2023, 18:45 / 06:45 pm
  • 20.11.2023, 18:45 / 06:45 pm
  • 27.11.2023, 18:45 / 06:45 pm
  • 04.12.2023, 18:45 / 06:45 pm


Detailed protocols of each meeting are written down. They can be found here, the recent-most are usually not public because they have to be checked and approved, which takes one or two weeks.